Hilde’s work and vision

Hilde’s trademarks are Family Healing Sessions (FHS) and Tele-Communication Classes (TCC) on parenting skills to improve and help heal difficult, challenging parent–child relationships or adult-child relationships. Her effort is to help correct and transform issues involving detachment, addictions and behavioral disorders with the goal of greater intimacy and authentic family communication.


Issues that Parents/Families come to her for help with

• Our family does not communicate in a healthy way.
• One of our children appears withdrawn, but we don’t know why.
• We don’t have the intimacy that we want as a family.
• As parents we feel that we didn’t receive adequate parenting or love, and we want to ensure our kids get what they need and deserve.
• Our teenage son/daughter is rebelling, and we don’t know how to respond.
• We are not united as parents, because each of us has a different idea and background on raising children.
• No one gave us a parenting handbook when our kids were born. Now we realize we need one.
• One (or more) of our children has addictions/poor behavior/gender identity issues/social dysfunction/etc. We need help and we want to relate better with each other.
• Parents who have children with learning disabilities, ADD, Asperger Syndrome and other challenges and need coaching for helpful services and programs in their area, and special parenting skills for this child. (more details under Services by Christine Jones)


Using a full range of proven techniques, Hilde helps to process long-standing negative feelings between members of a family

She leads them to resolutions in challenging issues and teaches that parenting can be simplified, with less stress and more joy, something many parents have come to believe was no longer possible. Using her step-by-step Parenting and Family Life Skills Program she helps parents to “keep it simple” while learning practical and user-friendly skills.


Over the past 10 years, Hilde has travelled around the world to homes and communities conducting sessions with families. She often helped save a marriage, but most of all the relationship between parents and children.


In over 20 years working in family relationships, Hilde became known for Parent Tele-Conferencing Classes for Small Groups (participation possible worldwide via phone) and Family Healing Sessions.


The need for a quiet healing retreat became soon apparent, where Family Healing Sessions, follow-up care programs and small seminars could be held. As such, Hilde has been the driving force to create Hilltop Retreat. She sometimes still travels to work with families in their own homes, but she is now able to do most of her transformative work at Hilltop Retreat in western Maryland.


Hilltop’s strength is in family dynamics, intra-family relationships, and family communication

The expertise in these areas enables Hilde and her assistants (local therapists) to aid individuals in their personal development, assist parents in discovering and improving their goals and skills, and support whole families in promoting greater intimacy and authentic family communication. She invited other therapists and coaches for teamwork in order to help with specialties like ADD, Asperger Syndrome and other issues. For those issues please read more.



Hildegard Reinold grew up in a small town in Austria and came to the United States in 1982, where she married her husband, John Wiemann. John works hand-in-hand with Hilde as a massage therapist and Shiatsu specialist. John and Hilde have two sons and one daughter in their 20s, all happily married. Being a mother was and is the most important and fulfilling part of Hilde’s life.


She received her in-depth experiential family training by working with a family therapist for over ten years developing seminars and healing programs and mentoring some of the clients. All that inspired her to become a Certified Life Coach by CoachU University and a Family and Relationship Coach by The Relationship Coaching Institute. She wrote her own Parenting Program for Tele-Classes and ventured into her own Coaching practice. Her focus is on Parenting and Family Life Skills.