Christine was previously a registered nurse in Austria and later migrated to the United States where she met and married her husband Kirtley

She took many courses related to schooling and service for young children, trained in and practiced Montessori education. Christine is the mother of three children and during their upbringing she devoted much time to staying at home and caring for them. One of her sons had a difficult time during development, and also continued to struggle in areas of learning and socializing. The disability he had was later diagnosed as a form of Asperger’s Syndrome. She needed to spend a lot of individual time with him and researched special schools and services. She devoted this time and attention to him throughout his upbringing more so than her other children, since he struggled in relationships with others and his ability to be and feel included. Christine read and researched every possible book on her son's disability and related issues and she met with many specialists. She found services for her son and fought for support in every possible way, even if it was not readily available.


Christine is a hands-on consultant for parents who are still looking for help and clarity on possible options for their children affected by similar disabilities


A benefit of talking with Christine is that parents won't feel so alone and isolated, gain hope and find new ways of dealing with their challenge.


She does individual phone sessions for those who are just beginning a similar journey and need to work on an action plan or for those who ran into barriers along the way, need extra support and strengthen their hope. She is also facilitating a support group by phone where several parents share their stories, ask questions and get advice for the next best step.


Her fee is $50 a private session and $15 for group session by phone. For more details please get in touch with Christine by calling 704-366-6925. Or email her at: christinejonesnc@gmail.com