Massage Therapist and Body Worker

John and Hilde often work as a team, since many emotions and memories are stored in the body and can be more easily brought out through proper techniques and healthy touch.


John has studied holistic methods of healing for 30 years. Through his many experiences and continued education he shifted into doing combination of bodywork and dedicated himself to health and wellness through overall healthy touch and nutrition.


John’s work

He specializes in combining acupressure, stretching, fascia release, joint articulation and meridian balancing to address the total body system for optimal balance and relaxation. You can ask for the combination of his talents or simply stay with one discipline:

• Deep Tissue Massage
• Myofascial Release
• Active and Passive Stretching and acupressure
• Shiatsu Shin Tai as a holistic bodywork therapy

He also does on-site chair massage for parties or corporate events in order to help people to experience some of the benefits of body work. Please call to negotiate fees for this service.


Treatment Benefits

“Your body is the landing pad for our emotions, thoughts and environmental influences” Saul Goodman, Developer of Shiatsu Shin Tai


Therapeutic bodywork is the most effective way to address the perpetual assault on your body from the stress of work, relationships, and everyday activities. The quality of your movement directly influences the quality of your life. When your body doesn’t feel right, it affects your thinking and how you look at yourself.


• Effectively addresses back, neck, hip and knee pain
• Improves flexibility, posture, and muscle tone
• Improves circulation, digestion and elimination
• Lowers blood pressure
• Enhances abdominal breathing and oxygenation of tissues
• Supports healing from fibromyalgia, lupus, asthma, irritable bowels, fatigue and other chronic conditions
• Promotes healing from injuries and surgery
• Enhances the body’s ability to sleep
• Promotes release of muscle tension and overall sense of health
• Calms the body, promoting healing from traumatic experiences and memories
• Supports therapies dealing with depression, anxiety, chronic anger, and other emotional conditions

More details on the treatment and its effect

In order to accomplish the objectives of the treatment, the practitioner will use a variety of techniques. Pressure is used along meridians or specific areas of the body that promotes the healing release of blocked energy. Techniques that stretch and /or rock the body can be used. Sore areas may completely be relieved and stressed areas like shoulders and scapulas may be sore a day or two later.

Most treatments will give the client an experience of deep relaxation as tension is released from the body. The body’s innate healing system will continue to respond up to 48 hours after treatment. Every session is performed according to the client’s unique body condition to bring optimal balance and relief.


Shiatsu treatments last anywhere from 50 to 70 minutes.
Treatments of deep tissue and shiatsu combination last 60 to 90 minutes.



Shiatsu treatments are done with the recipient fully clothed, loose fitting is preferred. Deep tissue massage requires the recipient to disrobe and be fully draped on a massage table.



$55 to $100 depending on treatments.
For more information please call John at 301-437-3284 or
e-mail him at healthtouchmassage@aol.com