A Family Healing Session is one of the most advanced and effective tools available at this time in family counseling and coaching. It can achieve more change in the dynamic of family relationships within a few days than traditional talk therapy and counseling sessions can in months. This method consists of a variety of techniques, including one that is a unique creation of Hilde’s. It jump-starts the process of healing and bringing all family members closer. Hilde performs this work either at her healing retreat in the countryside of Maryland or in the client’s home. Her clients are located all over the United States, Europe and Mexico.


In the heart of all wounded people there is more or less the same feeling or experience – that of NOT BELONGING. This is the root of all addictions and disorders. For healing to occur, the child needs to be accepted as is -- wounds, symptoms and all -- and nurtured to find the way back home into the family. As the parents and child attach or reattach during this process, the child feels safe and secure and experiences the magnificent and magical feeling: "I BELONG!"


Who are her clients? Families from all over the world, English or German speaking!

Hilde prefers to work with the whole family. Parents who worry about their child(ren) or are frustrated as parents contact Hilde. Usually one child in the family has a challenging issue; perhaps he or she is detached, unwilling or unmotivated. Hilde understands the difficult realities of daily life -- studying, hurtful peer relationships, loneliness and rejection, not fitting in, sexual identity issues, being bullied, low self-esteem, addictions and other disorders.


To ease the pain and guilt of the (so wrongly called) “problem child,” she works with the whole family to identify sources of irritation and hurt that might be affecting mostly the one child. Through a phone consultation Hilde helps the clients decide if the time is right for a Family Healing Session or if the parents first need to be coached by phone or Skype. With many years’ experience, Hilde has become very skilled at giving the right advice and guidelines to parents and has achieved great results.


How is the Family Healing Session different from other treatments?

Hilde’s concept is: “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” Her goal is to make parenting easier and more joyful. Many parents are frustrated with 50-minute family counseling sessions, with parents and child(ren) having to sign contracts, and with negotiations that fail to make either side happy or to address the cause of the issue(s). Talk therapy is a start, but in many cases it does not solve the problem completely, which means that additional techniques need to be introduced.


Hilde is gifted at creating a safe environment in which family members can quickly express hurts or name unmet needs. This opening up builds the foundation for replacing barriers with authenticity and intimacy. When all the family members can relax and feel that they are being seen, heard and understood, they want to share honestly and they feel greater love for each other.


Children need to FEEL the power of being loved, and they need to experience the power of loving and forgiving others. It is healthy for all family members to “move out of the head” (away from concepts and requirements) into “relating from the heart” (seeing and hearing one another) and joining the other one in their emotional needs.


All participants in the healing session will begin to understand the causes that have contributed to the disorder or the detachment. A treatment or action plan tailored to the family’s personal needs is offered. Exercises, homework assignments and healing activities are suggested to help the family achieve optimum bonding and secure attachment among all its members.


By choosing to take part in a Family Healing Session, parents can save themselves a lot of time, money, heartaches, and needless suffering. The combination of expertise, environment, experience and affordability offered by Hilde is unique. Her husband, John, assists in making the client’s experience comfortable, and he can give massages, Shiatsu sessions and nutritional advice if needed.


What can you expect?

• Connecting the wounded child with parents and siblings once pent-up hurt and resentment, frustration, disappointments, anger or unmet needs have been expressed
• Identifying some of the causes of hurt and detachment
• Better understanding childhood wounding: what causes it and how it affectsbehavior
• Participation of each family member, replacing the fear of expressing oneself with the ability to share honestly
• Removing barriers between family members, which leads to forgiveness
• Emotional authenticity, understanding long-standing conflicts and hurts
• Correction of roles in the family and family system, if needed
• Increased desire to be with each other in harmony and enjoyment
• Suggestions/plans for greater healing and learning as family homework
• Greater intimacy and love for each other
• Secure bonding and attachment within the family, natural transition from dysfunction to healthy attachment and belonging to each other
• Experiencing the power of being loved and loving others
• Resolving conflicts through parent-child bonding


How are conflicts resolved through parent-child bonding?

Everyone needs to belong. Any incident that the child experiences as hurt or trauma can cause separation in the parent/child relationship. If a trauma or emotional detachment goes unrecognized, the wounding of the child will result in the development of a “symptom” in order to cope with the underlying pain. Through a Family Healing Session, parents and children express their pent-up emotions and wounds. As a result, they experience a wonderful bonding and re-attachment! Finally the child feels safe and secure and experiences the magnificent sensation: “I belong.” The purpose of the Family Healing Session is connecting the wounded child or adult-child to his or her parents and family. Hilde has helped families achieve intimacy they never knew was possible. She provides many insights and practical tools to aid in the process of family healing and reconciliation. Hilde is a professionally trained Certified Family and Relationship Coach.


Summary of what you will receive:

• Family Healing Session for parents and children: intensive over one to three days
• Personal Treatment Plan: How to continue parent-child bonding
• Suggestions for an after-care program for the parents and ongoing support

Please contact Hildegard Rhine for more information about a Family Healing Session:
Tel. (301) 537-2848 or by e-mailing to ……………………...
Families can be accommodated at the guest house. Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport are all about 80 to 90 minutes away by car. Connecting flights to Hagerstown Regional Airport, which is 10 minutes from the Hilltop retreat, can be made from Baltimore- Washington International Airport.