Hilde is an expert in working with parents by phone and teaching simple and effective parenting skills as well as developing a step-by-step plan for the family. Hilde works with young families to teach good skills from the start and prevent issues in teen years and later. She also works with families with challenging teens, issues of addiction, poor behavior, gender identity issues or sexual orientation issues. Just write her or call Hilde and you can discuss what is best for you.
Hilde’s Tele-classes are 60 – 90 minute long phone calls, made possible through a bridge line service. Although the sharing is more limited on a call with more people, the results are high in energy and rich in information and networking opportunities.


Parenting Tele-class Level ONE:


• Goal sharing, understanding stages of grieving, re-orientation
• Getting ready for the journey: Self-care for parents
• Possible wounds and unmet needs in the child
• Creating a safe environment for the child
• Reconnecting parent/ child through spending time, giving healthy touch, and learning good communication skills, 5 Love Languages
• How to do Family Meetings, deciding on new traditions and activities
• Importance of clear positions in the family and clarity in family system
• Closure, creating an action plan


All who participate will learn exactly what contributed to the development of the disorder or the detachment, and a tailor-made treatment plan will be offered. Exercises, homework assignments and healing activities will be suggested to achieve optimum bonding and secure attachment between all in the family.


Parenting Tele-class Level TWO:

• Parents build a better foundation by DIALOGUING
• 4 Kinds of Parenting Styles
• Wounds, unmet needs and masks
• More Communications


Parenting Tele-class SUPPORT GROUP: bi-weekly

• Q&A sessions
• Skill building through book studies and discussion


Examples of books studied to gain better understanding of ones child’s issues and transform from a care-taker and teacher as a parent to A Parent Coach:


- Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Karol K. Truman
- The New Co-Dependency, Melody Beattie
- Boundaries, Dr. Henry Cloud
- Self Esteem, Dr. Matthew McKay
- 10 Days to Self Esteem, Dr. David Burns
- Real Love in Marriage, Dr. Greg Baer
- Real Love in Parenting, Dr. Greg Baer
- Recovery of the Inner Child, Dr. Lucia Capacchione