comment from a support group participant, who heard a father’s testimony

“Frank’s testimonial regarding the conversation with his son was like poetry and it just touched my heart. It was the conversation I long to have with my son. I know these words were well-crafted by you, Hilde and I'm sure all of us wanted to thank you for the wonderful and amazing coaching you give us.”

participants of the Parent Support Group by phone

“I am so very grateful that I found someone of your expertise to help me when parenting seemed so confusing and hopeless. Thank you for your loving yet firm and so insightful guidance. We are moving in a very positive direction and my child’s anger is gone. Thank you! ”

comments after a Family Healing Session

“I cannot thank you enough for teaching our family how to share on a deeper level with each other. We had a breakthrough in intimacy with our children and overcame many barriers. Now we have skills, hope and joy again”


“Listening into one of your classes by phone was the first ray of hope in our very dark, painful situation. Then we joined your teleconferencing classes. We found other parents that also loved their children and were equally confused and concerned, not knowing how to help. After the first class, I slept all night without waking up crying. My husband and I started talking and stopped blaming one another. Thank you from my heart”

Parents who take individual coaching sessions for guidance on parenting

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, I could have never written the letter to my daughter without your input. Your knowledge and intuition as well as your heart and experience are so profound, you ARE GOOD =) !!!!”

a family who decided on coming to the retreat for a Family Healing Session

“Thank you for all your expertise and insight at the weekend seminar, it had a lasting effect on all of us. Our children even said they are grateful that they agreed to come. Your help has been immeasurable”

parents from the Parent Support Group by phone

“Thank you for your graciousness towards all of us. With great skills, much love and kindness on your part, it is a healing experience for us parents as well as a learning time. We can never thank you enough. So much of our progress is because of your wise counsel ”